Listing Conditions

Please read and agree before submitting your properties.

  1. Space@ shall only accept raw lots or properties that are used solely for business or commercial purposes within Metro Cebu. For outside Metro Cebu properties for sale please Contact Us!

  2. Space@ would only accept property listings from verified owners and license partner brokers.

  3. The submitted property for rent shall be posted within (two) 2 working days after verification.

  4. The submitted property for sale shall be posted within fifteen (15) working days after verification.

  5. Space@ reserves the right to remove a property listing ad if it is considered unlawful and a violation of Philippine laws or falsification of details forwarded to us in the “Submit Form”.

  6. The property owner has the right to cancel their property ad submissions anytime.

  7. Space@ shall not disclose the owner’s personal details publicly including specific details of your property for confidentiality purposes.

  8. Space@ shall only accept commercial properties for lease with a monthly rental of at least Php30,000 a month.

  9. Space@ shall only accept commercial properties for sale with a sell value of at least Php3,000,000.00

  10. Space@ authorized representatives shall assist the owner and owner’s authorized trustee in facilitating the transaction. These would include client viewing, documentation reviews, and negotiations.

   11. For Commissions the following conditions are as follows.

          A. For successful transactions in lease/rentals, partner brokers and Space@ are entitled to a commission equivalent to one (1) month rental with a minimum lease contract of at least one (1) year.

          B. For successful sales transactions, partner brokers and Space@ are entitled to a commission of at most 5% of the total selling price.

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